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Our independent market reports are the definitive guide to the future of energy markets. We are the leading supplier of independent long-term price projections for energy markets, and consistently testified by our clients to be an independent, trusted and bankable viewpoint.

AFRY 万博电竞竞猜Management Consulting提供跨越欧洲,中东,亚洲,非洲和美洲的80多个国家或地区的报告。我们为电力,天然气,碳和其他商品提供深入的市场智能和长期的价格预测。每个地理位置都是由一支专家团队涵盖的,不断遵循市场和政策发展,确保我们的市场评估和建模反映了最新的商业和监管变革。


Available market reports

Visit the AFRY Independent Market Report website to find the latest news, contacts and details for each of our reports.


  • features quarterly updates, ensuring the projections incorporate the latest market data.
  • is independent and trusted. The ‘AFRY curves’ are a well-established benchmark.
  • includes internally consistent long-term scenarios. We take pride in ensuring our scenarios cover an internally consistent set of outcomes in wholesale prices, modelling the interactions between worldwide commodities, technology costs, electricity markets and decarbonisation objectives.
  • uses highly detailed modelling, including our BID3 power market model and our internally developed suite of worldwide commodity models.
  • is bankable. Trusted by the financing community for over 25 years to offer a fully independent view.


Our detailed regional, country and technology reports include:

  • 场景批发价格预测到2060;
  • market-wide technology capture prices;
  • technology costs;
  • industry structure and key players;
  • 需求和供应动态;
  • government policy and regulation; and
  • market specific considerations.
超过80份报告for different energy markets are produced
Over 100 clientssubscribe to our quarterly projections for one or more countries
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