创建可持续设计 - 为什么昼夜事项

照片:Lasse Olsson

在轻型局,一部分前往,我们相信光的力量 - 两种电光和自然光。自然光线是一种健康而自由的光源。但日光的质量是依赖和季节性影响的位置。在能源和可持续发展战略中提前纳入日光 - 成为城市或建筑物 - 通过在舒适,健康,能源和经济方面增加大量价值,提供令人难以置信的潜力。

As lighting designers, our prime objective is to design light for people and create sustainable spaces. Part of this is creating spaces that benefit from good daylight, because our wellbeing depends on this; too much daylight can be just as harmful as not enough. At the same time, we know that daylighting has the potential to provide significant cost savings. By integrating daylighting strategies in construction design we can reduce total energy costs.

Reducing Energy

Reducing reliance on electricity, minimising waste and optimising a building’s whole-life costs can be accomplished with the right daylight planning and analysis. Daylighting is a crucial part in meeting new benchmarks in sustainability and building certification programmes like BREEAM; LEEDS, DGNB and WELL Building Standard.


Daylight Services

Our daylight team deliver services ranging from Radiation & solar analysis, sunlight-hours analysis, overshadowing, orientation studies, impact of building shape, volume, fenestration and shading design to evaluation and validation of design, daylight levels, and climate-based daylight modelling.


Light Bureau's daylight design team

Saurabh Sachdev


Frederik Friederichs

Senior Lighting Designer and Acting Section Manager, Light Bureau, Oslo

Konstanze Keil.

Lighting Designer & Daylight Specialist

Danai Vogiatzi

Daylight Specialist


Senior Lighting Designer