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The Twist is situated in the stunning Kistefos Museum Sculpture Park in Norway and spans across the Randselva River. The bridge twists through the scenic landscape as a natural extension of the existing sculpture park. This magnificent building, designed by BIG, acts as an artwork in itself and exhibits art inside its spacious and bright gallery.

The overall lighting concept is designed to minimize reflections in the panoramic window to ensure the best view for visitors both outside and inside The Twist. As daylight enters through the curved panoramic windows electric lighting smooths out the luminance contrasts in the space whilst adding an extra glow to the exhibited art.

I am very satisfied with the simple and clean lighting solution we have created. It provides a nice experience without any excessive lighting or special effects.我们很自豪能成为这一非凡新空间的一部分and I’m very happy to see our project awarded by the world’s most prestigious lighting design awards in the company of such magnificent projects“光局挪威乡村经理Morten Jensen说。

Overall, the lighting design at The Twist places architecture, art and the users at the centre of attention. All light levels have been carefully fitted to the natural light levels inside the building with supplementary spotlights directed towards the paintings and sculptures. No unnecessary or decorative light sources have been installed, to minimize inconvenience and distractions in the minimalistic space.

The architects asked for well-lit exhibition rooms with a highly uniform lighting effect, which is why we decided to install wallwashers supplemented by discrete spotlights for a little extra light on the works of art. I’m very proud that our design has been recognized by the IALD“Lighting Designer Thea Collett说,他代表整个团队接受了该奖项。

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About the IALD Awards

The IALD International Lighting Design Awards is the longest running award program recognizing architectural lighting design excellence. The winners were announced live in an online broadcast of the 37th Annual IALD Awards on June 18th, 2020.



  • 客户:Kistefos Museum
  • 建筑师:Big Bjarke Ingels Group,哥本哈根/丹麦(负责人:Bjarke Ingels,David Zahle;项目负责人:Eva Seo-Andersen;项目架构师:Mikkel Marcker Stubgaard)
  • Interior design: Guy Robertsen
  • 电气规划:Rambøl1/strøm-hansen
  • 照明设计:轻局
  • Photographer: Tomasz Majewski, Oslo / Norway

Morten Jensen

Zlatan Idnert.