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Fake News Detection Framework powered by Blockchain Technology

Fake News Detection Framework powered by Blockchain Technology

The Future Technologies Team at AFRY has developed a Fake News Detection Framework powered by Blockchain Technology which helps news agencies by providing transparency to their own subscribers. Designed for journalists, this framework can integrate to any existing platforms, publish news article, and adds information about the underlying sources.

In the 21st century of gizmos, where technology is developing at a rapid rate, the quality of services or the information delivered to the people does play an important role and affect as to how society functions. In Science, Law, Politics or business - be it any field - transparency and the validity of the information provided to the respected professionals affect not only the overall working of the society but also the quality of lives their posterity will have. When it comes to the general public or the citizens of a country, it is rather questionable as to how valid the information is which they receive on a day to day basis.

Big MNCs, pharma companies and media houses are looking into this issue presently so as to validate the metadata at each step so that the internet serves as a more trustable and reliant source for the common people.

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假新闻在当今世界是一个大问题。易翔ially, when it comes to the field of journalism be it online or offline. Media houses and publishing houses have raised concerns regarding this issue and are looking forward for solutions to tackle the situation. Blockchain is one of the solutions that the world has to offer to this problem. Be it digital securities exchanges, identity validations or the source and citations behind a particular news article, photo or video. It is a distributed ledger technology which will help to provide a record of when, where, and by whom a particular article or video or photograph was taken. This will not only help the other end user of the information to validate the information but also provides evidence of the metadata collected at each step. It helps to lower the rate of spreading misinformation, by offering provenance and transparency to the people browsing for real news on a topic.


- 这个项目真的很棒是我们使用最新的区块链技术来带来透明度。互联网让我们所有联系但扩大了社会经济差距,但区块链将确保降低,因此促进了新的革命,并将未来的技术,外聘

Fredrik Hofflander.