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Management Maturity Model by AFRY

Estimate the monetary value of your operational risks and eliminate them.

The steady growth of stricter technical regulations and demands of transparency from authorities, customers and suppliers result in a vulnerable position that impact business reputation and the survival as a company. 


Our offering:
  • The instrument origins from the standard ISO 19600 Compliance management systems but can be utilized within Environment, Health, Safety, Project, Risk, Quality, Sustainability Supply Chain and industry specific areas or an accommodated combination of importance.   

  • The investigation is always performed by management specialists in combination with area specific competence. 

  • It can be used in any industry, anywhere in the world and the package is easy to scale up or down and adapt for your specific needs.  

  • The model has been tested, used and developed in several successful customer assignments such as in consumer electronics, automotive manufacturers, and pulp and paper.