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Advanced Automation


Automation is an essential element of any production process as well as a critical factor for competitiveness. Through cutting edge automation and industrial IT competence we help you develop safer and more efficient production systems. We are specialist in all fields of automation - from drive systems and motion control to PLC and DSC systems.

For us, partnering with industry leaders, such as Siemens, ABB, Schneider and Mitsubishi means that we can continuously offer you optimised automation solutions. For most systems we have our own libraries for most applications. This ensures use of proper system as well as extraordinary support.


在自动化项目的电气工程中,我们使用所有主要工具:Eplan,Elmaster,Autocad和Cadett Elsa。我们的工程师按照我们的设计手册进行工作,以确保工程中的最高质量,并且在我们自己的图书馆中,我们可以确保具有成本效益的电气工程。通过我们广泛的供应商网络,保证了电气柜和安装服务的合适供应商。

  • Turn-key automation system solutions
  • 系统升级
  • 系统健康检查
  • Automation services
VP and Head of Business Area Advanced Automation

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